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About Me:

Hello, my name is Stefan Pendl and I am living in a small village called Nu├čbach in Austria.

I have made my hobby my profession and am now one of those IT guys, responsible to make the daily life of the users easier.

This site is dedicated to the programs and utilities I use at home and at work to make my life easier ;-)

Since I am a longtime BASIC enthusiast, I was pleased to get hold of Run BASIC by Carl Gundel, who is guilty of bringing me back into programming with BASIC since I discovered Liberty BASIC after a long time of UNIX shell scripting.

This site is entirely programmed in Run BASIC, so I did not have to learn about PHP or other Web-languages, except HTML, CSS and Java Scripting, but these are the bare minimum.

Enjoy using the programs linked to as much as I enjoy them.


Thanks to my parents for giving me the chance to live this life.

Thanks to Carl Gundel for bringing me back the joy of programming.

Thanks to David den Haring for bringing Run BASIC Hosting to life.

Thanks to Ben Jimenez for his Run BASIC Wiki article about hiding and showing of divisions, which inspired me of the menu to the left.

Thanks to Dmitri Arkhangelski for giving me the chance to be part of the UltraDefrag project, where I can work on something useful.

Finally I am wishing all visitors of this site a pleasant one.

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